1. Three female identifying woman. A person with long blonde hair on all fours, facing away from the camera, One of their hands are pressing down on the shoulder of a white woman with dark hair. The woman with dark hair is pressing on the cheek of a mixed race woman with dark, straightened afro hair who lyes on her back with legs sprawled, looking into the distance away from the other two women.
    2023-25 Crash Test Dummies (working title) Research and Development
  2. A white woman with short dark, greying hair, wearing a blue shirt with red flowers sirs on a table with her back facing the camera
    2023-24 An Autopsy of a Mother, a Bear and a Fridge Solo - work in development.
  3. A person sits on a tall stack of chairs with two more chair upside down, covering their face. A mixed race woman with long dark braids pushes the stack of chairs on all fours with their head. There are empty chairs scattered around the room. There are two more people sprawled across the floor, one on their front and one on their back.
    2023-24 Yesterday I Was Extinct (working title)
    Ensemble - Work in development.
  4. 2021-22 amser/time A Light / Ladd / Emberton short film. Commissioned by BBC Dance Passion and OneDanceUk
  5. 2014-19 CAITLIN By Light/Ladd/Emberton. Commissioned by National Library of Wales.
  6. 2015-17 Seeds and Bones / An Archaeology of me Performance Research project
  7. 2013-15 HIDE Shortlisted for Best Small Scale Dance Production 2013, Wales Theatre Awards.
  8. 2013 The Curio Cabinet Commissioned and performed by Aura Dance Theatre, Lithuania.
  9. 2013 Why does the Brazil Nut need the Orchid Commissioned by Dance Shorts
  10. 2009-10 Creative Wales Award recipient/See the Art, Meet the Artist
  11. 2010 Cortex Commissioned by The Place Prize
  12. 2009-10 between reality
  13. 2006-08 Angelica Commissioned by Welsh Independent Dance
  14. 2008 Touched with Fire Commissioned by Salford University
  15. 2008 Angelica Through the Lens
  16. 2007 Angelica’s Dark Victory
  17. 2007 Angelica Goes to Work
  18. 2007 An-ge-li-ca: Origin Unknown
  19. 2001-06 Early work