Yesterday I Was Extinct

(working title)
Ensemble - Work in development.

Expanding the scale of Deborah’s work, this is an ensemble work for 9 performers. It emerged out of an R&D in Spring 2023 and is intended as a sister piece to ‘An Autopsy of a Mother, a Bear and a Fridge’.

This ensemble work examines the permeability of our bodies; the disintegrating boundaries between our material self and all other matter. Moving between our current ecological and socio-political moment to geological and cosmic timeframes it is an inquiry into our individual and collective impact and irrelevance. It reveals both our impermanence and the permanent trace of our existence. The work is intersectional and filled with contradictions, it is serious and it is absurd.

See and excerpt from the work here, filmed by Pete Telfer & Culture Colony.

This work will be performed in large spaces, with audience on all sides. The boundary between audience and performers will be permeable, placing the audience within the frame of the work. Invitations to move, to change space will be an integral part of the work, inviting choice, autonomy, action and change.

Deborah is actively seeking partners to support the development and presentation of this work in 2024/25. We are looking for residency opportunities, commissions/co-commissions, funders and presenting partners. Get in touch for more info or if you think we could work together.