1. 2023 MumFighter Swansea Grand Ambition. R&D Director.
  2. 2021-23 The Elves and The Shoemaker. Sherman Theatre. Dir. Sara Lloyd. Movement assistant
  3. 2022-23 Moses, Grobbelaar and Me A Jonny Cotsen and Paper trail (Bridget Keehan) project in development- Movement Director
  4. 2023 Love steals us from Loneliness A RWCMD production. Dir. Emma Baggott- Movement Director
  5. 2022-23 Collective Rage: A play in 5 Betties A RWCMD production. Dir. Claire Brown. Movement Director
  6. 2022 Jungle Green A RWCMD production. Dir. Matthew Holmquist
    Movement Director
  7. 2022 Mary Stuart A RWCMD production. Dir. Daniel Ragett. Movement Director
  8. 2021 Human Animals A RWCMD production. Dir. Georgia Green- Movement Director
  9. 2021 Anfamol Theatr Genedlaethol. Dir. Sara Lloyd. Movement Director
  10. 2020 Uncle Vanya RWCMD. Dir. Owen Horsley
  11. 2020 A Doll’s House A RWCMD production. Dir. Blanche McIntyre- Movement Director
  12. 2020 The Story The Other Room. Dir. David Mercatali
  13. 2019 Peeling Taking Flight. Dir. Elise Davison. Movement Director
  14. 2018 Nyrsys Theatr Genedlaethol. Dir Sara Lloyd. Co movement director
  15. 2018 Anweledig FranWen. Dir. Sara Lloyd
    R&D movement assistant