Crash Test Dummies

(working title) Research and Development


This R&D in Spring 2023 focused on the female data gap, using as it’s frame Caroline Criado Perez’s book ‘Invisible Women – Exposing Data Bias in a world designed for men’.

The emerging work asked an audience to see, witness and recognise three women fitting in, adapting, accommodating and negotiating a world designed for men. The movement was accompanied by data and facts that reveal the systemic ways that the world we live in is built for and by men. The performers travelled through hard, dangerous, uncomfortable territory with rage, compassion, apathy and humour.

With an audience in close proximity, on three sides and the performers crossing the boundary between audience and playing space the work placed the viewer within the system.  It concluded with the performers inviting the audience into the playing space…..asking if they are comfortable…if they are fitting in…..asking for change.

An excerpt from the work filmed by Pete Telfer & Culture Colony.

Deborah intends to return to the female focus of this research in a future re-iteration.