vb. to keep out of sight; conceal from view.
n. a shelter for watching wildlife.
n. the skin of an animal


In a stark environment three remarkable women reveal and re-invent themselves. With disarming honesty and subtle humour they blur the boundaries between autobiography and fiction and between reality and the show.

Deborah Light is an acclaimed choreographer with a distinctive aesthetic – bold, beautiful and intimate. For HIDE she brings together three outstanding female performers, Jo Fong (Rosas, DV8), Eddie Ladd (Volcano, Brith Gof) and Rosalind Hâf Brooks (Earthfall).

They form, transform and reform.
We watch.
Are they showing themselves?
Do we see them?

HIDE delves under the skin of its creators and audiences to reveal internal worlds. In doing so, it exposesthe multiplicity of human nature and deals with questions of appearance and identity

Funded by Arts Council Wales, Arts Council England.
Supported by Chapter, Made at The Place, Sherman Cymru, Coreo Cymru, Cardiff Metropolitan University, National Dance Company Wales, Coreo Cymru.
England touring supported by Luke Pell, Claire Hicks and Laura Sweeney

HIDE premiered at Chapter, Cardiff in Feb 2013. It is touring 2014 – 2015 and has been presented at British Dance Edition and Spring Loaded.

HIDE shortlisted for Best Small Scale Dance Production 2013, Wales Theatre Awards.

Programmer Notes