Creative Wales Award recipient/See the Art, Meet the Artist


A Creative Wales Award facilitated research and site based development of new movement languages at St Donats Castle and the contextualisation of those physical languages through site specific, installation and lens based practice.

Working with core collaborators Neil Davies and John Collingswood, and nurtured by mentors Simon Whitehead and Sean Tuan John, a series of performative, installation, image and video based vignettes were developed.

This research informed the creation of ‘between reality’ and ‘Cortex’ and led to the development of ‘See the Art, Meet the Artist’.

‘See the Art, Meet the Artist’ is a format for presenting Deborah’s work that includes the installation of image and video based elements of her practice alongside discussion and live performance. This contextualises the work and invites dialogue about the creative process and practice. This format can be applied to all of Deborah’s works.