Programmer Notes: CAITLIN

CAITLIN premiered at the National Library of Wales in July 2014 and is available for touring 2015 – 2016.


  • Duration: 1hr
  • Audience capacity: 16-20 within the circle per show (possibility of additional seating bank to be discussed if required)
  • Space requirements: 7m x 16m (min)
  • Company on the road: 4
  • Technical: CAITLIN uses house/working light and brings own sound equipment and set.
  • CAITLIN can be performed twice per day.supporting workshops/dialogue events can be offered.

A range of supporting workshops/dialogue events can be offered.

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Commissioned by National Library of Wales.
Funded by Arts Council Wales
Supported by Volcano, Chapter, Aberystwyth Arts Centre and Borough Theatre Abergavenny.